Friday 27 July 2012

So much food

I take my hat of to my devoted blogging friends, its a mix bag of emotions blogging again.
I love sharing and documenting this important stage in Little Z's life yet the guilt of going to bed at the end of another day with no blog post written is tough.
That being said, I really have such an easy baby that I shouldn't be thinking this is too hard writing a few words regularly as its mostly work that gets in the way, trying to steal a few nuggets of time to get that job finished or respond to the email instead of uploading the photo and getting whatever is swirling in my mind, onto this page.

We have been progressing so well with the solids, some definite favourites have been identified such as the blended pasta fagioli soup that I made a couple of weeks back. It looked hideous blended to take out the larger chunks but it still tasted (obviously) exactly the same and hence it was a huge hit.

Our Pasta Fagioli dinner blended for Z
An extra one for the freezer

One fun snack we had was some salmon roe, Z found the texture intriguing but I think he found masticating them too tricky and they just continued to pop out of his mouth again after a few seconds.
Simon ended up adding some to some mashed roast veggies and he ate them, but much to our surprise and (new parent) delight a few were visible still whole, unpopped (!!) when they came out the other end! Fun, but a big fail in regards to him getting the goodness actually inside him!

Brought for Z but most ended up on
scrambled eggs for my breakie 

If your curious as to why I want Z to eat salmon roe you can find some great info here and here about Weston A. Price but essentially were talking mega doses of brain building omega 3s.


Unknown said...

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Corcoran said...

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.  Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.