Friday, 27 July 2012


This pic of some leftover taleggio polenta that I warmed for Z is a good example of how I am trying to simplify the 'baby stuff' stock pile that manages to build with time.

I have a series of small pots and non-stick mini frypans have proven to be perfect to reheat tiny portions for a tiny tummy. I can warm and mush to the right texture at the same time.
Particularly, this small non-stick pan I purchased years ago to cook crumpets and single serves of eggs, has had a bit of a workout recently for Z.

Leftover polenta, softened with breast milk 
I've used an egg to indicate the small size
Another way that I have been reheating food (I'm not a microwave fan and haven't had one for more than 10 years) is simply heating portions already stored in the ziplock bag like the pasta fagioli here. I toss the whole sealed and frozen bag in a pot of boiling water and then turn off the heat and wait a few minutes until its warm. This also saves on some washing up, a double win.

As you can no doubt tell, I'm not a fan of making things tricky unnecessarily and like that Z fits into our lives by eating simpler versions or components of our meals.
He has been tasting our meals from even just a few weeks old (not mouthfuls like now, just flavours on his tongue) and we are yet to find something that he doesn't eat greedily. On one occasion when I pureed some of our risotto it was too think and tacky and he started to refuse it after a few mouthfuls but once watered down with milk a little he was happy to eat the rest.
Last week I brought a sippy cup (more baby stuff!) thinking that he would learn to use it but he seems much more interested in sipping the occasional water out of an adult glass than his fancy gum protecting thing with handles. Before I know it he'll be asking for a his water in stemware!


Ran said...

Hi Jackie, I remember your old blog from years ago when I blogged too, congrats on the baby, we also have a 1 year old now and he has been difficult to feed only because he is a bit fussy but i have also been of the opinion that he eats what we eat, mostly because i am way too lazy to cook twice! Looking forward to seeing what Z manages to eat!

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