Thursday 5 July 2012

Omega 3

Surprisingly already, I'm in the position were I'm needing to share my lunch with Z.
My unadon (Japanese eel on rice) was greedily demanded after each morsel was sucked and swallowed.
I'd pull off a small piece of the flesh rub it between my fingers checking for tiny bones and then pop it on his tongue. He absolutely loved it and then even a small amount of the rice coated in the sauce.

I was conscientious about having lots of omega 3 foods whilst pregnant and then breastfeeding for his growing brain, its exciting now that I can share it straight from my favourite source, oily fish.


Reemski said...

Ahhhh! Yum! My little monkey is a big fan of fish. When clearing out cupboards recently I came across a tin of tuna so rinsed it, mixed it with cream cheese and it got scoffed down quick smart. She's also eaten barramundi and salmon. All successfully. I've found so far that she's rejected nothing and now at 9 months she's eating everything we put in front of her.

Jackie Middleton said...

Lovely. I believe that real food that an adult would eat is the key. If it tastes good, why wouldn't the baby like it? Makes sense to me.