Friday 22 June 2012

A sweet start

The philosophy that I'm embracing for Z is the same way we eat. Food that's delicious and good for us.

The information about what should and shouldn't be first foods is so contradictory and confusing that I'm not surprised that so many people turn to the packets of factory made 'food' that they sell for babies. 

Z is used to tasting my diverse diet via breast milk so it seems a step backwards to offer bland mush now. 
The rule is if I wouldn't eat it, then he doesn't, and if I don't like the flavour then he probably will not as well. Luckily I eat everything.

Here's what's worked for us so far. 

Some good fats.
Mixed plate of flavours.
Mushed sweet potato and roast lamb shoulder
(aka dinner leftovers)
Z and the sweet potato and lamb, I think we got about 1 1/2 tablespoons in.


Daniel said...

On the issue of what food is or isn't good for a toddler, the foods with a potential for an allergic reaction are the ones that always worry parents.

With our first daughter, we were feeding her strawberries from a fairly young age. One of our friends was shocked because she had read that strawberries was one food that could cause an allergic reaction.

The wife of another friend came home to see her daughter eating peanuts. Naturally, she was worried, and when she asked her husband about it, he said, "Yeah, she has been eating the ones I've been dropping on the floor for months." For us and peanuts, I was closely watching the reaction of my child (and keeping in mind where the nearest chemist was) when we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and fed her noodles and meat that we knew had been tossed with some peanuts. Thankfully, there was no reaction.

Jackie Middleton said...

Interesting. Neither Simon or I have any food allergies so there is no reason for me to suspect that Z will so we are just feeding him like a small person.
From what Ive read and been informed, he would have been exposed to possible allergens when I ate them before he was born and via breast milk so were just running with it and have not found any reason to be anxious about it like so many new parents can be.

Anonymous said...

Neither my husband or I have any allergies either and only found out that our little one was anaphylactic to milk protein by her having a taste of someones froth off their coffee. She was an irritable baby & had eczema & reflux but all this went away once I took milk protein out of my diet. Up until then she had been having filtered milk protein from my breast milk but sill enough to cause slight problems. So no reason to be anxious just aware