Wednesday 20 June 2012

16 weeks

It's 16 weeks today.

It is an exciting milestone, Z can start solids.

Just quietly, we have been dabbling with different tastes since he was born. Champagne (bad), mandarin (loved it), duck (sucked like crazy), gorgonzola (squinted then gestured for more), smoked prawn (great), avocado (more!) and of course lots of breast milk (but thats a long, long story for another time).

On the weekend Z had a couple of teaspoons of roast sweet potato, the first proper couple of bits that we allowed him to actually swallow, not just taste. He loved it. I knew he would, he has been watching us eat for weeks, like a salivating dog, fork to plate to mouth, repeat. The sweet potato was a gift that just kept on giving to Simon and I, as excited new parents we kept seeing the evidence of the sweet potato for days. Proof of our success.

Food, were do I start? Its perhaps too tricky to explain in sentences, perhaps easier for you to learn as we go, but I have a crazy, somewhat obsessive interest in it. That paired with the experience or lack there of, that comes with being a parent for the first time and the that huge responsibility to 'get it right'.

My nutrition, his nutrition.

I understand, its complicated. Very complicated.


claire said...

Welcome back to blogging! xx

Daniel said...

I love how you let Z try champagne.

When my kids were under a year old, I gave them grilled liver, and they loved it.

Jackie Middleton said...

Thanks Claire! Its strangely surreal, but exciting.

Daniel, I actually brought some organic, free-range chook livers today before seeing you comment. My reading suggests that a purist would feed them raw to him but I'm going to pan fry in butter until pink. Will no doubt enjoy most of them myself!

Jo said...

Little Z is set to be the best fed baby in town!

A wonderful obsession.