Tuesday, 26 June 2012


It's interesting how Z's mood affects whether he will 'play the solids game' with us each day. Last night he happily scoffed down more salmon pâté, (and then an hour later threw it up all over his play rug, whilst having tummy time), yet this morning he wasn't the least interested in his avocado and egg yolk breakie. The thing is I don't think it's the food itself, it's his mood.

I'm finding his little personality is already dictating the meal; happily feeding, biting whilst feeding (his newest and most endearing skill) or opening his mouth for me to welcome more of his favourite coconut yoghurt.

I'm understanding that it's important to have some Z friendly solids in the fridge so it's easy to take advantage of an inquisitive mood, and the chance to get a couple of delicious bits into his tummy.
Some polenta & taleggio awaits him tomorrow morning.

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